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Hi Simon ,Thanks for such interesting photos ,I only discovered your work when we purchased one of your cards at Broadfort the little shop near the filling station on the last day of our holidays .The card was of the fishing vessel near Camus Croise ,I am very interested how this colouring was achieved . Thanks for your time .

Golda Gibson

Dear Simon, Your photography is inspiring, I so enjoy looking at your work capturing the beauty of all you see around you. Your pupils are so lucky to have such an inspirational tutor.


Fabulous shots of Up Helly Aa Simon, they really are perfection!

Golda Gibson

Hi Simon, This is a good way to thank you for all the wonderful support you give to me. You are an amazing photographer and if I reach just a quarter of the way to your standard, I will be a very happy person!!

Janet MacLeod

It's a wonderful website Simon - a great style and clean background. Love your macro shots, the still-life, the street life, the landscapes, the studio portraits - actually love them all! I agree with May and think your monochrome images are exceptional - well done indeed and may you have many visitors. Gur math a thèid leat (all the best).

May van den Heuvel

Hi Simon, I enjoyed visiting your website. You have done a good job. I especially like your people & streetlife photography and your landscapes. Good to see a lot of b & w photos.

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