Simon is a Skye-based photographer working in full-frame digital as well as analogue formats - which include 35mm, 6x4.5cm, 6x7cm and 4x5 inch.

As his creative and diverse portfolio demonstrates, he enjoys shooting a broad range of subject matter from wildlife, landscape and portraits, through to 'street life', macro, still-life, forensic imaging and the female form. 

Simon is a highly motivated and methodical individual with a dedicated work-ethic. He runs a studio with a traditional darkroom, where he offers small-group workshops and one-to-one tuition with both locals and visitors to Skye. He also undertakes a wide variety of photographic commissions from shooting bespoke hand-made furniture through to documentary projects, food photography and brochure photography

Simon is keen to share his extensive knowledge and experience of the technical, aesthetic and historical perspectives of the photographic medium. He has over thirty years of photographic experience working in studio advertising, editorial, documentary, medical and forensic photography as well as teaching photography in both Further and Higher Education from beginners up to degree level.

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