These images are taken from Simon's May 2009 exhibition entitled 'Tasty Morsels' which was held at 'The Artist's Gallery' in the City of Wolverhampton.

The Postmodern epoch has seen a significant increase in the population of dogs as companions to humans. In turn, this has led to an increase in canine psychologists, and media hyperbole of the so-called ‘dog whisperers’.

A vast array of cheap mass-produced ‘dog toys’ are readily available to keep our ‘companions’ happily distracted. Many are deliberately humanised, emulating such ‘human’ items as shoes, newspapers and cheese burgers, through to tortillas and even a medium-rare barbequed pork-chop.

Perhaps these toys act as a proxy for ‘guilty’ owners who substitute them for the highly additive-ridden, spicy and unnaturally contrived ‘real’ food? Or perhaps our canine friends have furtive desires to consume a ‘real’ Big Mac?

These photographs canonise a small selection of the mass-produced ‘tasty morsels’ readily available to the canine world.  They also represent the notion of Postmodernism that questions the variance in social values between works termed as ‘high’ art, and the contrived eminence of cheap mass-produced ‘throwaway’ consumer goods that are considered to be worthless commodities.

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